Route Planner v2.0 has been released - first navigation with fully integrated LEZ schemas.

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How it works

We make the environmental zones interactive. Our service generates personalized routes that you can sync with your stock navigation.

  1. Select the emission class

    to specify your vehicle

  2. Enter your destination

    and hit the calculate button

  3. Easy export of your route

    load specific waypoints in your navi

  4. Send detailed Roadbook

    info about all zones and P+R

Interactive solution for safe trip planning

Detailed maps

Zoomable LEZ schemas

Route planner

Avoid LEZs on your trip

Park+Ride info

Less traffic in the city centre

Easy accessible LEZ-Schema for each city

Diesel & Petrol cars

min. EU-norm to comply


overview of exemptions


overview of exemptions

Belgian road sign indicating the 'Low Emission Zone' called 'Zone de Basses Emissions' in French.


French road sign indicating the 'Low Emission Zone' where the 'Crit'Air' badge is needed.